Danger Girl’s Top 10 Tips On How To FB without Going Crazy.

18 Dec
  1. Don’t comment on crazy no matter how many buttons it pushes.
  2. Block and block often.
  3. Don’t forget why you chose to be on FB and focus on that.
  4. Never post under the influence, you could end up married or back with your ex or buying a backhoe
  5. Remember that humour doesn’t always translate well so when in doubt pass. I have had the worst fights with friends when I thought they were being hysterically funny and they were being deadly serious.
  6. Make the real world your priority.
  7. Focus on Pages and people that help you grow or laugh or come to your gigs etc.
  8. There is no shame in deleting or editing.
  9. Sometimes a picture or a youtube speaks 1000 words.
  10. Think about how you want to represent before you post or comment.

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