Dream Big, Bigger, BIGGEST!!!

19 Oct

It’s the second assignment in Aggie K’s “Subconscious Smackdown” and this video is all about not dreaming big enough. In other words being so sensible about our fantasies that it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll come true. One of her examples is wanting $5,000.00 instead of… a million.

I am guilty of this myself. The idea of wanting to have millions of dollars seems greedy, when you know you could live without having to sacrifice too much, on 50K a year. Hell, I’m doing it on just over half of that. But why should I? Why shouldn’t I want to have enough money, that it didn’t matter who became the leader of the country I was living in? Would I really be completely fulfilled having my novel be published by a small, yet distinguished publishing house in Canada, or would one of the huge American or British ones, that put out all of the books I’ve spent my life reading be much closer to reaching orgasm?

Because in the end, don’t we all deserve to have everything we ever wanted in life? And has settling ever made anyone happy?

It has never made me happy and I’ve done it my entire writing career. Hell, I’ve done it my whole life for way too many things, to even count.
And the thing is, when you don’t believe 100% in your dreams, not only are they never going to come true, but every fear you have about your future will, because that’s the energy you’re putting out. Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me, and it really didn’t have to. I chose small.

The good news. I’m not dead yet and the person I am today is a far better writer.

What are my biggest, hugest, dreams?

Let’s start by having my work represented by a very connected, powerhouse of a NY Literary agent.

Then I am going to have a novel listed on the New York Times bestseller list.

One of my books will be made into a film that shows at Cannes. Actually it wins the Palm D’Or.

I live in a loft with an amazing view of the NYC skyline. Architectural Digest features it along with the home of Laurie Anderson. We have the same vet. We become friends and get high together and riff an opera. It’s performed at Carnegie Hall and they film it.

I spend half my time travelling. Australia, Vietnam, Egypt, Capetown, France….

Neil Gaiman and I collaborate on a three part miniseries.

One of my books is the prize of an enormous bidding war which not only pus me in the same financial bracket as J.K. Rowling but I also get final say in casting.

I build an apartment complex in downtown Toronto for the “working poor”.
Which enables them to turn 30K into a comfortable living wage.

I have a play on Broadway and the West End.

I’m a guest on The Graham Norton show.

I travel to New South Wales and spend a month at The Cedar Creek Wombat Sanctuary. I donate a million dollars.

Vivienne Westwood designs me a little black creation to wear at the premiere of my film at Tiff.

I will get a back tattoo by Xoil.

I never miss a performance, concert, opera, symphony, play lecture, opening, festival of anyone who’s art I love, no matter where they are in the world. Front row seats or whatever is better for the event.

My life is, and will continue to become, more and more fucktabulous with every passing year. I’m ready. Are you? What are your Godzilla sized dreams. XO

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