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Turn Off, Tune Out and Drop In.

7 Apr

Timothy Leary’s dead but wants us all to tune out. Huey P. Newton is gone but reborn in every black activist. Abbie Hoffman is sleeping the big sleep, dreaming about the kids of Parkland . Che Guevara is ghost riding to all the revolutions. Emma Goldman is haunting the bourgeoisie, Geronimo, Crazy Horse, Quanah Parker and Mike Mitchell have risen up to stand with the water protectors. Rebels never really die. Unless, like faeries you cease to believe in them.

I would rather fight for a billion seemingly hopeless causes than settle for what I am being given, out of fear, that it could be worse.


There is no such thing as benevolent corruption, or even a little corruption. Once rot sets in it doesn’t just stay in one tiny area of the apple, it takes it all.

Given the choice would you rather have e coli or salmonella? They both have the potential to kill you if you give them the power to take over. But this is not really a huge problem in Toronto because we have health inspectors who make sure that we are safe from this type of corruption. Any place that serves prepared food will be shut down, or branded with a red sign in the window. And there is a hotline for citizens to report any establishment, that they find suspect.

But when it comes to politicians, once they are party leaders, or god forbid actually voted in, they are there for their complete term.

If you have a mayor who is smoking crack (with video evidence) and partying with sex trade workers in City Hall, there is nothing in place, so that you can fire him.

If the leader of a country is putting undue pressure on the AG, to smooth the path legally to support something he wants, and not only does she refuse, but she stands up, it’s just business as usual, and besides the opposition is way worse. If he campaigned on promises of Truth and Reconciliation, transparency, electorate reform and has back peddled, if not tossed out all of these things, it’s okay because the opposition is way worse. And besides there are so many more horrendous things happening in the world.

And I’m not even going to cross the border and talk about the shit show that is the U.S. But I will say one thing, if Hillary had been President, I highly doubt that the Democratic Party would have the new face it has now.

I am not afraid of change. I am terrified of the status quo. To me there is very little difference between the Conservatives and Liberals. They are just the extreme ends of the same thing. They are both in the pockets of the Oligarchy the only difference is that the Liberals are selling us out more gradually, unless of course you are First Nations, and then they will sit in your teepee, appropriate your culture, and happily wear a headdress as they hand you a bottle of water, while they are plotting to take whatever you have left.

And social media is one of their greatest weapons. Most of those leftist memes you post are coming from alt right orgs. designed to keep you in terrified despair. Not to mention the fact that as long as you are busy sharing all those cleverly worded memes, that so exactly express how you feel about any given issue, or are the confirmation of your biggest fears, you are not out there doing anything.

We are about to have an election here in Canada. And for the second time in a row, most of the people I know, are hysterically posting everything they can find to get people to vote Liberal, so that the real evil will not get in. Although there is a third party in Canada, everyone is busily insisting that they can’t possibly get in, thereby guaranteeing that they don’t have a chance. It is an exact replay of the last election.

And I, just like I did last time, will vote NDP. I will always vote NDP until we get an official Social Democrat, Socialist or even Communist party, or until they become assimilated into complete centrism and then I will decline my vote, this is my line in the sand.