Playing In The Real World

29 Dec

 This is a stream of unconsciousness piece. But before I start, I better silence the cynics.

What is the real world? There isn’t one. At least not a universal one, just like there is no ultimate truth and there is no single, all powerful God. There is every possibility that I am the stuff that dreams are made of. Whose, I don’t know.The only thing I am sure of is that if this is a dream, it is a lucid one.

About a month ago I deleted both my FB and my Instagram accounts. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly quiet it was. It was as if being a part of social media meant that my consciousness was perpetually linked to those I interacted with whether I was logged in or not. It was more intense than when I got rid of my cell phone, which felt like I slipped my leash and was running free.

People keep asking me why I de-booked. Why delete my account? Why not just deactivate it for a while? You wouldn’t believe how suspect you become when you stop doing something every one else does. Especially when it means gaining access to you is more complicated and personal than logging in or texting.
I don’t know if I’m just old but I believe that as Mao believed “religion was an opiate for the people”, so is social media.

HA!! You say. Then why are you writing a blog?

Blogs are like those trees with the hollow that people whisper their secrets into. And audiences? Who knows what is heard in a forest?

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