Too Me

20 Oct

As you all know at this point, I am taking participating in Agnes Kowalski’s 5 part mini-seminar Subconscious Smackdown. Today I am on part 4, which is all about the stories other people tell about you, that effect your ability to succeed because it is often these very things that are your greatest assets.

In my case most of the “too” stories are told by people I am in a relationship with or my family. According to them, I have been too independent, too strong, too individual, too well adjusted, too decisive, too unreadable too resourceful. And I have been the recipient of a whole lot of “Oh Marcy’s” in that head shaking, tut, tut, tut way.

Strangely I have noticed that I never get any of this from strangers (I talk to strangers), acquaintances, clients, the majority of my friends or the people I am currently working with. I only get, or have received this, from people who benefited more, or felt more secure, if I was compliant.

When I was a child, all of the “toos” were cemented in place by “people don’t like you because you are too…”

Like many people, I did try and become less, of all the too things listed above and it was the worst mistake I have ever made. I learned a lot but it took years to recoup from those lessons. Because all those things that made me “too” have always been the things that made me magick. They are the things that allow me to see the world in ways that no one else does and they make my voice unique.

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